Friday, March 11, 2016

All Too Quickly

1032, Summer

“So you work for the king eh?” Sirena the singing whore asked.
Jack was on his back, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. He didn’t know how much time had passed since he’d taken her to bed, nor did he know what bed he had taken her to. His whole body felt numb, his limbs weak and only a dull ache in his chest reminded him he was still breathing.

“Yes,” he answered her.
“My aunt is kept by one of his noblemen,” the women said slyly. “Sir Soren he’s called, he takes good care of her.”
Jack felt the tingle of her fingers caressing his skin, and pulled away. “I’m no nobleman” he told her with a grunt.

She responded with a sigh, “That’s a shame.”
The ache in his chest became distant suddenly, as his senses sharpened at the feel of a blade at his neck. Within moments, Sirena had called out and two armed men had crashed into the room, pulling Jack from the bed by his shoulders. His head spun, and everything in the room became a blur of colours. His stomach revolted at the sudden upheaval, and he found himself gagging.
“Thought you said he had coin?” A gruff voice sounded in his ear.
“He did, he does!”

For a moment Jack was standing on his own, as those around him argued and moved about too quickly for him to keep up. He stood there swaying until the dirty floorboards seemed to rise up and all too quickly meet his face.


  1. Such a pain to get this up, but I really felt it was time, not to mention I've had this plot line in my head for so long and I couldn't let Jack down...

  2. Ack, drugged and held at knife point! Hope Jack gets out of this okay. :S

    Was Sirena a willing party in this scheme? Or was she coerced into it by someone else? Or is that spoiler territory here?

    “My aunt is kept by one of his noblemen,” the women said slyly. “Sir Soren he’s called, he takes good care of her.”

    Pffft, any good care Soren has in him is reserved for his ego. Wouldn't surprise me if he had some sort of hand in this, if taking down one of the king's men could somehow further his own political ends.

    1. I don't think he's drugged, just so drunk he's easily knocked out!
      Jack got himself into this by flashing his money around - although he won't be the one getting himself out of it!

  3. Poor Jack. I really hope he'll be ok. And now that you mentioned... I'm curious who'll rescue him. By the way, I like Sirena. She's quite beautiful and interesting. I'd like to see her around (maybe you'll use her again?).
    I'm glad to see you're posting chapters again :)