Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Coy Smile

Summer, 1032

Jessamyn had really taken to working at The Golden Talisman, and so far she noted the customers had taken to her as well. The tavern was reasonably well sized, with a kitchen open every day in addition to the bar. There were two rooms upstairs, but only one was free to rent, the other was used by Felyx or Mae when they’d spend the night. Jess felt increasingly pressured to seduce Felyx, with voices whispering in her mind and a throbbing under her skin. But Felyx constantly ducked her advances, quickly changing subject during conversation and subtly avoiding eye contact.

It was closing time, and the other servers had been sent home. Like usual, Jess was left clearing the tables while Felyx counted the day's earnings. She’d brought the last of the dishes to be washed, when she heard the door swing open behind her. She couldn’t help but tempt her fantasies and with a coy smile she puckered her hips upwards, and leant over the wash barrel. 

She hadn’t expected a response, but the feel of a firm body behind her proved her wrong. She giggled to herself, letting his hands explore her rump.
“Jess, you done?” Felyx called from the other room. 
She froze. Who was standing behind her, with his crotch pressed to her arse? In an instant, she let go of the last few plates, letting them smash together and fall into the depths of the water. 

She threw her head back in an effort to shake the man away but he was prepared for a struggle. His hand came up to clasp her throat and she kicked off from the water barrel, slamming her body into his. He was winded, she could tell, and she took the moment’s pause to scream. Felyx was already standing in the doorway of the kitchen. With a kick, Jess leaped away from the man grasping at her from behind. She landed in a heap on the hardwood floor, turning just in time to see Felyx lunge at the man, and force him to his knees with a swing of his fist.
Jess pulled herself to her feet quickly, her breath heavy and her cheeks red. Her attacker was on the ground, unconscious. He had dirty blonde hair and an untrimmed beard, and despite his ragged appearance wore fine clothes.
“WHO IS HE?” Jess cried in disbelief.
Felyx also looked shocked, “Tiernan” he said. “Shonn Tiernan.”

“What IS his problem?”
Felyx did not answer, but looked around desperately. Jess looked down at the fallen man in disgust, confused at the feel of wetness between her legs. Her heart was racing, she looked at Felyx, noting the bulge of his biceps and the sweat on his brow. 

“We better get him out of here, before he wakes up.” Felyx said heavily, leaning down to grab the man by his shirt. “Let’s drag him outside.”
Jess nodded, stomping down the urge to grab Felyx and have him right there in the kitchen.

“Wait!” Suddenly, an idea came to her. “I want to do something first.” She grinned as she unsheathed the small knife from Felyx’s belt.


  1. I actually got around to posting this! WHAT A SHOCK.

    I'm depressed. I'm supposed to be on a diet to help balance my hormones but I just want to stay in bed eating sweet things and watching TV. Oh and cigarettes, I'm smoking so many and I'm not even drinking. Thing is I don't know why I feel this way! Nothing has happened, everything is just the same as usual. I am very bored though, which is one of the reasons I got around to doing this.

    Can't be certain when the next post will be but it won't be as long a gap as last time!

  2. Depression is the worst--and it doesn't always have a concrete cause. Just try to find things that make you feel better, but don't feel as if it's your fault if nothing works. Depression is NEVER the sufferer's fault.

    Is Jess going to castrate Meliza's brother? That's one way to take Rionna off the hook for a son.

    1. Haha not quite! Let's just say Jess doesn't like hairy men.