Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stained and Splintered

Summer, 1032

 The Gypsy’s Kiss had once been a high-end brothel, but after the previous owner died and left it in the care of his son, it had become one of the less appreciated businesses. Jack hated to say that he knew the place well, after spending much of his childhood hiding under the tables while his father spent his earnings. On occasion he would be let into the kitchens and the whores would cook him dinner, but he’d always receive a thorough beating when his father found him. 

The wooden floors were now stained and splintered, and the stench of sweat and alcohol fermented through the walls. The few patrons who lined the bars nodded in his direction in respect, some probably confusing him with his father. If he were in another brothel, he might’ve stopped and asked for direction, but Jack knew where sickly whores were kept. He made his way to the back room, stone faced.

A man stood in the doorway of the room, which was covered by a loose curtain. He was yelling with his fists in the air, and drunkenly slurring his words. Jack came to a stop behind him, crossed his arms and grunted. The man turned to reveal his dark skin and bearded face; his nose appeared to have been broken in the past and was tweaked to the right.
“This one isn’t working right now,” the man spat.
Jack nodded and cocked his head to the side, and saw a woman shaped lump wrapped in blankets. “This one,” he said “Is my wife.”
The man’s jaw dropped, “She said you were dead!”
Once again, Jack felt the familiar twinge of his old self. The man very well knew that according to the law – Betha belonged to Jack. And the fact that he had profited from her without permission or forwarding the earnings was a punishable offence. 

“That doesn’t surprise me,” he grunted. “Then I guess you can just pay me what you owe me and I’ll be on my way.”
The man stood staring in horror, his mouth gaping. “You can’t expect me to pay you! She’s dying anyway, she’s worthless!”
With a smile, Jack dropped his gaze for a moment. “You’ll pay me everything she’s made, and more for her death.”
“No I won’t! I won’t!”
There was a stir in his stomach, and a surge of something in his blood. Jack moved fast, grabbing the shorter man by the neck and lifting him off the ground. He looked up at the man, who squirmed and spat above, and felt a sinister pleasure in the pit of his stomach.

“Good doing business with you,” he snarled before releasing the man to the power of gravity.


  1. Get ready to see the darker side of Jack. I think the best thing about Marlowe is that I can write to the extreme - and everything is exaggerated. And while I want to explore Jack's dark side, the fact is that he is still the same person I - and readers - have come to love. I love the idea that a person can be so complex. There is no good and evil. Especially in Marlowe. Everything you thought morally good and right can be easily twisted and conflicted with itself.

    Anyway, I tagged Betha in this so it's technically her first appearance, although you can only glimpse her back and butt through the curtain.

  2. Well, that was... huh. I do like complex characters, but I really hope that Jack has enough goodness in him to let Betha have her money, or to use it to keep her comfortable in her dying days. It is HER money, laws or not. She earned it. If she dies too soon to make use of it, then I hope Jack gives the whole sum to their daughter.

    Sounds like his father was a total prick.

  3. I'm back! ^^ And I'm sorry I didn't leave a reply sooner, but my semester's been full and this is the first free week that I have ever since October XD
    So, another chapter about Jack. I like the character, but now, after reading this, he kind of frightens me. I can't help but wonder what happened to his wife, why is she in such a tragic situation and what does Jack want from her?
    Another chapter? Soon? 'Cause I'm curious XD

    1. Jack is a scary person >.< but he's not a bad person either, he just has issues. He grew up in Iridia where he had to be tough, and unlike many of his kin he was able to step away from that eventually. I don't know when I'll be posting again! I've been working a heap, trying to save money and of course I get sick whenever I work hard! Thanks for the feedback!

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