Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Shadow

Summer, 1032

Rei’s heart sank. The chest had been sitting there, unopened and gathering dust. Inside were her mother’s belongings – all the things Reina had left for her. There was a sense of finality in sorting the things inside, and Rei feared she was not brave enough to go through with it. But the flutter in her stomach reminded her, she was no longer a child, and she was no longer alone. Her belly had grown fast, and her appetite had nearly doubled since becoming pregnant. Viera was stoked to become an aunt, and had taken to following Rei around like a shadow.

“Can I help?” The little girl chimed from the doorway, obviously noticing Rei’s hesitance.
Rei smiled over at her, “If you like.”
She had enjoyed having a younger sister around again, though Viera wasn’t the same as Eirian or any of her other siblings at the castle. But her innocence and sincerity reminded her heavily of all the children she’d grown up with. The little girl bounced into the room with a smile on her face, and Rei felt a renewal of motivation. She motioned for the girl to come around the other side of the chest, and together they unlatched the lid and opened it. 

Rei looked down into the chest, she saw jewels of red and purple, fine fabrics and linens, and at the very top of the heap, a letter. Her heart jumped a little in her chest as she reached for the letter, giving Viera the approving nod to begin sorting the other items. The letter was sealed with her mother’s crest, of the Mieko family. She swallowed hard as she stepped away from little Viera and broke the seal. Inside, there was a small paragraph, written in her mother’s hand.
I always hoped that one day I could tell you this secret myself, but fear and guilt kept me from being truly honest with you. After losing your sister, I realised that life is unpredictable, and not everything will always go to plan. It is for this reason that I want you to be the one to carry on this family secret, though I’m sure your uncle Raiden has already made arrangements to keep it from you. Unfortunately I cannot risk putting the words to paper, for any stranger to come across. I leave you with one task that will lead you to unveiling the truth.
Find Decla Kalan. 

There was no signature to prove that the letter was in fact from her mother, but Rei was already familiar with her mother’s handwriting. And the fact that she had chosen to use the Mieko crest rather than Casimir showed that she wished to hide the letter from the royal family. Rei had known that her mother kept this chest in her later years, and had originally held three chests for each of her daughters. She also knew that her mother left strict instructions for those three chests to be kept under guard until they could be delivered safely to their recipients, so there was no way anyone had planted the letter themselves – or had the chance to read it. Her mother had gone to extreme lengths to deliver the message safely. 

She folded the letter neatly, and tucked it up her sleeve before turning back to Viera. There was something eerily familiar in the name of Decla Kalan, as though she had heard it somewhere, and it had been in the back of her mind ever since.Either way, she would speak to Lucan immediately, and she would find this Decla, whomever she might be.


  1. SO much has happened lately. First, I got my license. Throughout the entire test the guy was telling me to calm down, and even now I don't believe I actually did it. Second, I signed up for an online course. Third, I have a house and will be moving in within a month (Hopefully) I also might be getting a puppy!!
    Safe to say I won't be posting anything until things get settled, but I had this already written so I wanted to update things before I disappear for ages. I don't know how long I'm going to away considering I won't have internet for who knows how long.

  2. Glad things are going well for you!

    And hmm... very curious as to this deep dark family secret. I wonder if it has something to do with the lost princess Eirian is supposed to be looking for.

  3. I like the way the story is going. There is one pregnant lady who finds a letter from her mother, and there is a little girl who is the pregnant lady's baby sister. They seem to have a great age disparity apart, so it's possible that the mother has left them very recently, and the older daughter likely still remembers the mother.

    As for the names, I am curious where you get these names. They sound very alien in this world. Did you make them up, or did you choose a fantasy name? In my own medieval game, I prefer highly biblical, commonly spelled names. Names like Thomas, Timothy, James, John, Mark, Matthew, Luke, Peter, Paul, Adam, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Ezekiel, and so many more.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Viera is Rei's sister-in-law, so they're not blood related but there is quite an age difference between them.

      Umm, some of the names are inspired by modern day influences, but a lot of them are from - they're mostly Celtic, Scandinavian, Norse, some English variations and some French names, Irish, Welsh, Germanic and some eastern names. The Medieval category on that site is very good as well.
      Marlowe is not really set anywhere on a real map, it is a valley kingdom with a lot of mountains and even swampland surrounding it. But because it is purely fiction, I just use names that I like the sound of, names that aren't too common or modern :)