Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Too Much Freedom

Summer, 1032

Bonnie had spent the past few days with her sister and the baby Meya. It had been quite a challenge for Mave to become comfortable around the infant, and learn all the necessary skills to care for her. But the bonding time for the sister’s had left Bonnie feeling good. Now she was returning to Meliza, and had been redirected by the guards stating that Meliza had been moved to different rooms. Already she had the feeling of unease, as she made her way down the hallway and entered the small, cramped room. A large canopied bed was squished up against the wall, and a stream of light poured through a small window at the end of the room. There was a cramped fireplace, and barely enough room for furnishing. She spotted Meliza by the window, the tiny blonde figure had her shoulder’s curled and her head down. 

“Meliza?” Bonnie stepped tentatively forward.
She continued further, watching for a reaction, but Meliza continued to hide her face.
“He – he yelled at me,” the tiny girl whispered.
“Who?” Bonnie came to Meliza’s side.
She saw that she was crying, and the tears had crusted on her smooth face.

“S-Soren,” she answered gently. “He says I’m high – high maintenance. That his wife said… He gives me too much freedom.”
Bonnie reached out her hand to rest between Meliza’s shoulder blades, unsure on how to behave. She wanted to comfort Meliza – she wanted to let her know that she was not alone. But she was only a servant, and the slightest breach of that could cost her everything. Without warning, Meliza let out a sob and turned to fall onto Bonnie. She caught the small girl with hesitant arms, flattered but still unsure. 

There was a quick knock on the door, and Meliza pulled away from her and stared wide-eyed into Bonnie’s eyes. Her bottom lip quivered as the knocking at the door continued.
Bonnie leaned forward, concerned. “What is it?”
“That – that knock,” she said in shock. “That’s my father’s knock.”

It was well known that Meliza did not have her father’s blessing in being Sir Soren’s mistress and those at court were sworn to the king to keep the secret. But Martainn Tiernan had all the right to visit his daughter, who he’d sent to find a husband. And Meliza had no prospects for a husband.


  1. Meliza's storyline is about to get interesting... :)

    Back to work tomorrow night, should be interesting since I've finished the antibiotics but I haven't made much improvement health wise. Ce la vie.

  2. I hope work isn't too bad. :S

    Sad that Meliza and Soren's wife have this animosity between them despite that they haven't met and that Soren is the one they both ought to be mad at... and he gets off scott free. Bonnie is a good friend, though. I doubt Meliza would mind if she forgot she was a servant every once in a while.

    Meliza's father? Interesting. He seemed like a pretty decent guy when we saw him. If he finds out about Soren, I hope he knows to place the blame where it belongs, even if he can't voice it to anyone but Meliza.

    1. It's definitely not fair that Soren gets away with everything. I doubt there's much he wouldn't get away with honestly, being a man and a high born in Marlowe. Unfortunately Martainn will probably blame Meliza as much as he blames anyone else, but he'll try to protect her rather than punish her.