Thursday, September 11, 2014


So I hate to be posting this on my phone but unfortunately my computer has committed suicide. 
I bought a new hard drive and backed up the Marlowe story folder, and the neighbourhood folder (thankfully) before it decided to die. It was straight after I used the hard drive that this happened, so I think they may be related. 
My computer guy says it sounds like the hard disk, whatever that is. So I'm taking it into him this afternoon and he's going to see what's up. 
Kinda comes at the right time, as I was planning a hiatus for about 2 months, to focus on saving the money to move out of my parents place, and figure out if that's what I want to do right now or whether I want to save money and travel. 
So yeah, you will hear from me soon, I may not have a computer, but I have a smart phone and the internet! ;)


  1. Ack, sorry about your computer! But relieved that you have a backup and that the timing could have been worse.

    Best of luck with your savings, whatever you decide to do with it. :)

  2. It happened to me too, some time ago (back when I had the old blog), so I'm glad to hear that you still have the backup (I wasn't that lucky and I had to resume everything from the beginning).
    Good luck with your plans (travelling sounds great from my viewpoint) and keep us updated :)