Monday, September 15, 2014

One Year Anniversary for Marlowe

Okay so I got my computer back, and it was only the fan that had decided to die. It has been replaced free of charge, and I've finally set my computer back up ready to play - just in time to get sick. 
No work tonight, but I'm too ill to actually do anything worthwhile. I've been watching Gossip Girl all weekend, avoiding food and cuddling with my cat!

I had planned to do something nice for the one year anniversary of Marlowe, but I'm finding myself less than chirpy while writing this. That said, here is a little present.

His name is Joron Ridere and he's Ancel, Soren and Iris's father (Iris is also a Ridere, but hasn't been introduced to the story yet) I think he was spawned in CAS, but while admiring him in game I realised he's quite attractive. I didn't load the game to do a photo shoot, I'm too tired.

You can download him here, feel free to change him/rename him how you like.

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