Sunday, July 20, 2014

Proven True

Summer, 1032

Bonnie paused as she entered the room, the lady Nolia had joined Meliza while she’d been preoccupied downstairs. She stood there a moment, feeling rather uncomfortable. Nolia had married Ancel’s son, making her a Ridere, which meant that Bonnie answered to her. She wondered if Nolia was aware of this when the two women glanced up at her, smiling.

“Oh Bonnie! This is Nolia – her sister married my brother, and that makes us sisters!” Meliza was beaming, obviously ecstatic at having a visitor. “Nolia, this is Bonnie.”
The older woman smiled sweetly, and Bonnie curtsied. “Will you be helping when the lady Jaslyn gives birth, Bonnie?” Nolia asked pointedly.

“She has requested me,” Bonnie answered.
There was something unsettling about Nolia’s presence there, and Bonnie had a feeling that she had already known that Jaslyn had specifically requested Bonnie attend her for the upcoming birth. Her intuition was proven true when she saw Meliza’s face drop in disappointment.
“What does that mean? I’ll be alone?” She whined, “For how long?”

Nolia leant forward to place a comforting hand on Meliza’s knee, “It should only take a day or two.” She said reassuringly, “That is, as long as the lady Jaslyn agrees to release Bonnie after the child is born.” She grew quiet for a moment, and sighed. “I wasn’t going to say anything…”
“Say what?!”
“There have been rumours,” Nolia frowned. “That the lady Jaslyn has intent to leave court once her child is born.”
Meliza looked at her guest in horror, “Why would she leave? Where would she go?”

“I presume she’d return to her brother’s house, where her two elder children live.” Nolia said, “She would take a collective of servants of course, one being Bonnie – who was her primary maid before she fell pregnant.”
Bonnie felt she was in an exceedingly awkward position, although she was flattered by Meliza’s affections for her, she had not known that the lady Jaslyn had intent to leave court. The idea of returning to the Omari farm was comforting, having spent several years there alongside her mother and brother. But as well she felt a tinge of regret, if she was forced to leave behind her sister – who she had not yet connected with. And there was Jack, of course, but that wasn’t something Bonnie was ready to address.

“No!” Meliza called out, “I don’t want her to take Bonnie. Why is she even leaving anyway?”
Nolia appeared sympathetic, “Well – I guess. Because of you.”
“Me?” Meliza seemed genuinely surprised.
“Yes, you.” Nolia nodded, “Sir Soren has fallen in love with you, and that means he has no more time for his wife. The rumour is – she’s decided to retire from court life to raise her newest child.”
It took a moment before Meliza understood the statement, as she sat there wearing a frown for a solid few minutes. Bonnie stepped awkwardly from one foot to the other, she could hear the kitten Rosina meowing for her dinner. Finally, Meliza seemed to have come to some kind of decision and she crossed her slender arms over her chest.

“Bonnie,” she said sharply. “I won’t let you go, if she wants to take you, I will fight her. And Soren will just have to listen to me.”
Nolia remained unemotional, “He doesn’t have to listen to you.” She cleared her throat, “I mean, you’ll have to give him some form of enticement.”

“I need Bonnie, and that’s all there is to it.” Meliza’s eyes grew wide and bright, “He will give her to me, I know he will.”
Once again, Bonnie felt flattered. But anxiety twisted and curled inside her, and her chest had tightened so that it was hard to breathe. The lady Jaslyn was expected to go into labour any day now.


  1. Sooooo amongst renovations, I sort of maybe kinda lost a whole bunch of sims. I was deleting spares using simpe, and accidentally deleted Nolia, Kryssa, Raiden, Janoah, Taol etc. SO this is replacement Nolia, since I didn't have her saved anywhere. Luckily I had Kryssa saved, and Raiden's father - so the new Raiden looks different from his two previous posts, but not that different. I'm not worried about Taol, but now Janoah will need to be replaced, and considering she was born in game I don't think I'll be able to replicate an exact match. Such is the consequences of playing god I guess.
    In other news, Bonnie just freaking loves the camera! I mean, every picture I took with her in it was just awesome. She's awesome. And Meliza is a cutie. A young, inexperienced yet passionate cutie. Oh, and Nolia is about to get pregnant ;) and Jaslyn is about to pop!

  2. New Nolia looks good! Though I'll admit to personally preferring her old hair, but that's just me. I know I've changed Sim hairs in the past for reasons other than "the new ones looks better" anyway. Hair can tell a lot about a person and/or their situation. I just hope the missing Sims don't mess with the workings of your neighborhood (though, it seems you can never guess exactly what will mess up a particular neighborhood; I just found out that changing turn-ons can cause corruption, but I've been doing that for years and have never had a problem).

    In general, you do have very good-looking Sims! Though some Sims--Conri and Soren come to mind, plus more than a few of my own--are ugly on the inside and that results in the black-tinted glasses effect, making whatever good looks they may have irrelevant. I know that Ietrin is objectively good-looking, but every time I see him, he just looks like a caricature of himself.

    Anyway, to the chapter... ack, that's distressing news, that Bonnie and Meliza might be separated (though, Nolia--I'm pretty sure the only person Soren has the capacity to be in love with is his own damn self). Maybe the two of them could just run off somewhere, with Jack as a frequent visitor.

    Also, Meliza's profile is very revealing. Her naivete is understandable now, the poor girl, without making her seem stupid (indeed, she comes across as intelligent, but dangerously sheltered). Naive or not, though, she's a million times better than her asshole brother (I reread some Rionna chapters a few nights ago). I imagine it's only a matter of time before she gets a rude awakening in regards to these lousy people she sees the best in, though.

  3. Yeah I liked Nolia's hair too, unfortunately it was deleted during a clean-up/organization of my downloads, and since I only ever used it for her, I didn't worry. Her hair is up for now because she's at court, and has to present herself fashionably especially since she's married into a very powerful family.

    I've deleted sims before, using theo's add-on, and I've never had troubles! Every time I start a new mod I use it to clean up all the sims I don't want, including townies (my game runs faster without any). So hopefully no damage was done! Had no idea about the turn-ons though, that's a little worrying. Right now I'm fussing over what to do with my graves - community lots that my sims never visit or a corner of the lot as a graveyard. Either way I know deleting them is bad, so I'm kinda stuck.

    Haha thank you! Out of Soren and Ancel I think Ancel came out better, Soren would make a good girl though! As for Conri, he's a base sim I've used many times, I think he's just a male version of Milena actually (they're cousins, in fact!) but I know what you mean about their personality altering how they appear. Bonnie was afraid of Jack when they first met because she perceived him as tall, dark and handsome!! ;)

    Yeah Nolia is playing a dangerous game here, Soren is not the loving type. Unfortunately Meliza is still under the control of her father, politically anyway. I'm sure Jack would help in the scheme though haha he'd enjoy getting both Bonnie and Meliza away from men like Soren!

    I had been meaning to do her profile for awhile, I'm glad you read it! She is intelligent, and very emotional. The trusting nature - she gets from me. I don't know if I want her to wake up to her naivety though, it's her innocence that makes her such a complex character.