Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meliza Tiernan

Meliza "Liza" Tiernan

Born: 1017, Winter
Parents: Martainn Tiernan, Megane Hillyard
Siblings: Shonn Tiernan, Adelisa Tiernan
Rank: Gentry
Bio: Meliza was born early, and consequentially raised away from other children her age. As her father was a respected physician, she received the best care from birth however, despised being shut away from the world. She was taught to read at the age of four, and was forbidden from exerting herself thereafter. She was excluded from the opportunity to play with other children, or even alone, her father would always insist that she stay indoors and read. As she grew older, her curiosity for the outside world bloomed, and she began to read romance novels which further encouraged her dreaming. She was briefly involved with her father's apprentice, Tomi Mieko, before her mother persuaded Martainn to send her to court to find a husband.
  • Meliza loves to eat. She used to spend hours preparing feasts with her grandmother, and despite the amounts she would consume, she never gained any weight. This added to her father's protectiveness over her, stating that she was not physically equipped to survive without assistance.
  • Because of her sheltered upbringing, Meliza has trouble understanding that people lie, and don't always have the best intentions. Because of this, she has a distinct talent for seeing the very best in people.
  • Her attachment to Bonnie goes beyond servant and master. She considers Bonnie her only real friend after going her entire life without any communication beyond family.
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