Thursday, June 26, 2014

Make a Profit

Summer, 1032

Jess fluttered nervously at Maiolaine’s bedside, Aenya Gwynham was knelt on the ground beside Maiolaine’s fevered body. Jess watched on as Maiolaine’s eyes flickered open and shut, and she moaned slightly through the sweat dribbling down her face. Much to her surprise, Jess had no trouble sending word for help. Although Aenya was not a licensed physician, she was a respected nurse and midwife throughout Marlowe and had even attended royalty. The king himself had proven his gratitude to her by gifting her land and a house to further train young women in the art of medicine. 

The woman was aged, with a lined face and a taut thin mouth held in a stubborn line. But she worked efficiently and had immediately taken control. Both Padric and Max had been ordered from the library to aid in carrying Maiolaine to her bed – and Jess had quickly sent a maid to watch over her children. The men had excused themselves as soon as Aenya would allow, both wearing a look of unease. Jess herself had felt a churn of her stomach at the sight of the blood from between Maiolaine’s legs. 

Jess took a deep breath as she watched Aenya examine Maiolaine’s pregnant belly, and looked away as Aenya examined her further. She heard a loud sigh, and stepped out of the way as Aenya pulled herself to her feet. The woman clucked and wiped her hands on her front, turning to motion to Jess. 

“She’s gone into early labour,” she told Jess. “As if her body is rejecting the baby, she will have to push it out – or she will die.”
Through tears, Jess cried out in distress. “How could this happen?!” 

Aenya gave her a sour look, and glanced down at Maiolaine “I raised her son, did you know?”
“She abandoned him when he was born – I suppose his father wasn’t high born enough for her to make a profit.” Her voice growled as she stared down at Maiolaine in disdain. “She never wanted this baby, and her body reacted to that.”

Jess was horrified, she had known that Maiolaine’s history was a dark one but she had never thought it was so bad. Her feelings of resentment toward Mae swirled back – she refused to accept how a woman could reject her own child.
She took a deep breath, “Do what needs to be done.” She told Aenya, “Is there any chance the baby will survive?”
There was a cautious understanding in Aenya’s eyes as she nodded, “It still lives.”

“If you can save it,” Jess said quietly, “I will pay for the expenses.” 
She didn't need to say more, Aenya understood. If Maiolaine hated this baby so much, then she did not deserve to see it live and grow up. And Jess would keep it from the hands of an undeserving mother.


  1. FINALLY got this up! Short post writing wise, I've been finding it hard to stay motivated - so I'll start a post, then lose interest, come back to it, add to it, write another post, and so on. Taking the photos for this was considerably fun and I'm happy with the results, something about Jessamyn that makes things so pretty!
    Well now, I'm exhausted. Time for bed.

  2. The photos are great! Jess is a very pretty Sim.

    Though ack, poor Maiolaine, on death's door and putting up with all that judgment at the same time. Not everyone wants children--and it wouldn't take that much investigation to learn that Maiolaine didn't want the act of making at least some of her children either. Jess raising this particular baby would be in everyone's best interests, but Maiolaine doesn't deserve to take the flack for it.

    And geez, Aenya--Maiolaine's children's fathers include a lord who is father-in-law to a princess and a goddamn king. It has nothing to do with "high-born" or "profit". She just does not want to be a mother, for reasons she doesn't need to explain to anyone, and sadly lives in a time and place without effective birth control or safe abortion.

    Regardless of the angry comment, it's good to see you (and Marlowe) back! Hope you enjoyed your trip. :)

    1. Haha! A bit of controversy thrown into the plot hey ;P I was looking forward to the angry comment ha!

      I'm agreeing with you completely, Jess is making a decision for Maiolaine without her interests in mind. BUT Jess is young, naive and inexperienced. She doesn't know what Maiolaine knows, she's had an easier life, where having babies is a happy thing to be celebrated.
      Aenya... She has her own reasons for being the way she is. I imagine she made fast judgments on Maiolaine - and I imagine Maiolaine to be the sort of person to let that happen (In fact, I think she has my anxiety and shyness, and inability to stand up for myself).
      STILL don't know if I want this baby to live or not :S

  3. Well, I still hope that Maiolaine and her baby survive. Maybe Maiolaine won't love this baby either, but I'm sure Jessamyn would look after him/her. I think the twins' birth changed Jessamyn in a good way, but she is still very young and naif.
    Aenya seems like an interesting character too (even if it's the first time I hear about her). I looked her up and discovered she is Bonnie's aunt. Maybe she'll show her face more in the next chapters ^^

    1. Haha I'm impressed you found that out :P
      I doubt Bonnie has ever met her, but yes, they're related.