Friday, May 30, 2014

Too Much of a Burden

Summer, 1032

“Oh there you are!”
Maiolaine smiled as Jessamyn greeted her, entering the room with unease. Despite her new mistress’s kindness, she felt out of place in her new home. Jessamyn treated her more as a houseguest than a servant, and Maiolaine was not used to such openness. She moved with tenderness, aware of her aching back and feet. Her belly had grown with promise, and the child within was vigorous and already skilled at tiring her out. Unlike other mornings however, she had not felt the babe move since the night before. If she had the energy, she might have been concerned. 
“Is there anything you need?” Maiolaine asked, “How are the twins?”
Her new mistress grinned warmly, “Little Mae is awake, Mahon has fed and gone back to sleep.”
The twins could not be more opposite, while Mahon spent his time either feeding or sleeping, Little Mae could always be seen with her eyes wide as she admired the world. It was less trouble than she had expected, working for a young mother with two fresh infants to care for. But Jessamyn thrived in the company of her children, only leaving Maiolaine alone to spend a few hours a day in the company of her husband. If Maiolaine didn’t know any better, she’d think Jessamyn was trying to conceive again.
“My brother Lyam is getting married in a few weeks,” Jessamyn told her a little nervously. “Would you mind watching the twins for me?”
Maiolaine smiled gently, “Of course.”
Jessamyn was seated by the fire, with her arms folded over her knees. Maiolaine glanced either side of the room where the cribs were, feeling slightly disappointed that the twin's mother had already dealt with their needs. She felt as though she were on holiday, and suddenly her duties were no longer constant. Although it was pleasant to be able to breathe, and take a moment during the day for herself, she felt as though her thoughts were becoming too much of a burden. When she worked hard and consistently, she did not think of the past. Only her dreams haunted her, but while she was free to be alone and relax, those dreams became a constant thundering in her skull. 

 Maiolaine moved toward the fireplace, flattening her gown nervously. Her hands were sweating and her fingers clenched at everything, unexplained nerves had her on edge. She glanced down at the sleeping babe by the fire, and smiled. Mahon was a tiny thing, with pudgy hands and feet, chubby cheeks and a round belly. And he was the dearest thing to his parents, in the entire world. The more time Maiolaine spent alongside the Turnwhips and the twins, the more she had warmed to the arrival of her own baby.
“Apparently his bride-to-be has pointed ears,” Jessamyn said absently. “She’s an orphan, abandoned by her kind. Isn’t that fascinating?”
Maiolaine gave a forced smile, fighting the images of a pointed-eared babe dripping in blood. Her mind flooded with doubts, and her chest began to swell with unaddressed feelings. Her smile was broken by a sudden off-set in her balance, and she swooned a little on the spot. 

Jessamyn was by her side in moments, with tender arms out in case she fell. She didn’t feel any pain; she simply looked down at the strangest sensation of wetness. Jessamyn was calling out for help, wrapping one arm around Maiolaine and the other resting on her enlarged belly. Maiolaine looked down, shocked and puzzled at the sight of blood swirling around her feet.


  1. Maiolaine's transition from working for royalty to an upper-class merchant family has taken its toll on her, safe to say she is not adjusting well... I haven't decided what's going to happen with her baby, things could go either way :S

    I AM EXHAUSTED. I've been awake for way too long trying to get these shots taken, and I'm sick, so it's bedtime.

    1. Jess wouldn't stop smiling during this photoshoot, gosh its annoying.

  2. That would be a stressful shift, even if Jessamyn is trying her best to keep Maiolaine comfortable, especially given everything else Maiolaine's been through both recently and overall. I hope that both she and the baby survive this (though if only one of them can make it out, I hope it's Maiolaine).

    So Jessamyn's brother is marrying a girl with pointed ears? Didn't Maiolaine's first baby have pointed ears?

    1. Yeah, I don't think Maiolaine's going anywhere :) I have plans for her!
      Yep spot on, interesting coincidence huhhh ;P

  3. Wait, there are people with pointed ears in you game? O.o Cool! I can't wait to hear more about Jessamyn's brother and his bride-to-be.
    I feel sorry for Maiolaine, because she's had such a sad life and I really hope that she'll find happiness one way or another. By the way, Maiolaine's baby (the one she's still carrying in this chapter) is fathered by the King, right? And why did she have to quit working for the royalty? Is it because of the Queen's death?
    I hope Maiolaine and her baby will be fine.

    1. The baby is Juan Leolins. He raped her when she was staying with the Leolins, and in his defense he was distraught and drunk. I think that the queen did not want her working for royalty after her death, so she made plans for Maiolaine to work somewhere else.