Friday, May 23, 2014

Multi Ideal Plantsim Set

"I left in the doorway of the bower
My jewel, the dusky, brown, white-skinned,
Her eye like a star, her lip like a berry,
Her voice like a stringed instrument.
I left yesterday in the meadow of the kind
The brown-haired maid of sweetest kiss,
Her eye like a star, her cheek like a rose,
Her kiss has the taste of pears."

I followed the tutorial by Worf 84 here, and chose my favourite sims to make multiple replacements for the original Ideal Plantsim. 


First we have Silvi, born in game as a second generation sim. She has blonde hair and green eyes.
Next we have Teague, Silvi's half-brother also born in game. He's sporting a mustache (It actually suits him well) red hair and grey eyes.
Thirdly we have Gavynn, made in create-a-sim and an ancestor of the characters from Marlowe (Brother of Conri's mother). He has brown hair and eyes.
And lastly we have the lovely Freya, a character that will appear in Marlowe sometime in the future. She has dark hair and blue eyes.

The game will take random genetics from one of the four sims above when your plantsims spawn toddlers. I tried to choose the most interesting sims, with unique features that were still attractive and diverse enough to notice. I am particularly proud of the differences between Silvi and Freya, while Silvi invokes a cheery and playful impression, Freya remains sombre and reserved. And yet they are both equally beautiful. WELL, if you haven't realised by now, I'm quite happy with this lot and I hope you are too. I would love to see any pictures of offspring from your games!! 

Download Instructions:

Basically just extract the file from the rar. into your downloads folder, making sure you have the right one to suit your expansions.

Please note: While I have tested the Seasons-FT version, I do not have AL and could not test it. There was no difference in what I had to do, so I can't foresee any issues, but feel free to test and let me know how it goes.

Thanks to Worf 84 for the tutorial and mod :)

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