Friday, March 7, 2014

A Quiet End

1032, Spring

Lucan winced at the sound of Rei’s high pitched squeal, and before he had any time to protest she had pulled her hand from his to hug the man standing before them. The man was quite tall, with dark hair and spirited eyes. He caught Rei in his arms with a chuckle, and began to stroke her hair as they embraced.

“Little girl no longer, I see” the man said coolly.
Despite Lucan’s previous efforts to comfort her, Rei’s tears returned with a fiery blow. She began to sob into the man’s chest, and he sighed heavily before pushing her away. Lucan stepped in to take Rei by the arm, who was now wiping at her cheeks in embarrassment. 

“I’m so sorry,” she mumbled.
“There’s no need to be sorry, we are all in mourning.”
“Oh Raiden!” Rei squeaked, “I’m so sorry.”
Lucan couldn’t help but feel he was an intruder there, as he had never spent much time at court. And Rei had been running around wildly since their arrival greeting long lost friends. He had no experience in the loss of a family member – well, not a revered family member. The man’s gaze switched to Lucan, and smiled.

“You must be the handsome husband my sister wrote to me about,” he said. “I am Raiden Mieko, my domain is on the border of Kyland – too far a journey to make often but I’m afraid.”
Lucan nodded his head, he had heard of the Mieko family, who were old and noble like the Drakis. There were of course no vicious rumours about their family though, they were somewhat cut off from the happenings inside the kingdom.
Rei was wiping away the most recent explosion of tears, “Thank you for coming uncle.”
“How could I not? Although I made the journey alone so you won’t be able to meet your cousins this time I’m afraid.”

Raiden spoke with a kind of formal delicacy, which Lucan imagined was a defence against the pain of losing his sister. The queen had passed peacefully, they had been told, and that in her last hours the physicians had eased her passing with a sleep drought. It was a quiet ending for a woman so acquainted with the opposite.
“Oh well we will have to come visit some time,” Rei replied.
Raiden was nodding his head, and looking around the room as if searching for someone. “I hate to ask you my dear,” he said hesitantly. “But you wouldn’t happen to know who will be organising her belongings?”
Finally, Lucan felt of use. “You can see Sir Ancel for that, he’s in charge of those decisions.”
The man looked at him once more, this time with a twinkle in his eye. “Thank you, Lucan.”

He excused himself abruptly, and left the two of them. Lucan couldn’t help but wonder why Queen Reina’s brother would be interested in her belongings after her death, but his wife’s renewed tears demanded his attentions.


  1. Gah! It's been so long. Gave me a lot of things to think on though, about where and how I'm going to progress this. Unfortunately I was very lazy with this post, didn't even bother putting Rei and Lucan in black (I kind of established blue as the house colour for Leolin though) but finally got to introduce Raiden :)
    He's going to be a confusing character, I have to say that. I imagine him as very closed off and distant, so that will make things a little difficult I think.

  2. Eh, there hasn't been anything yet to establish that black = in mourning in Marlowe culture, nor have we heard anything about the mourning period, which can vary greatly among both real and fictional cultures that do have them (for example, the Albion full mourning period appears to be a year for the immediate family, while in Naroni, no one is expected to wear black past the funeral, and after that, mourning is treated as a personal emotional state rather than a formal custom). So don't feel at all bad about Rei and Lucan in blue, because for all we know, that's what they do in their culture.

    I'm with Lucan in that last musing there. I'm going to guess that Raiden is quite a bit younger than Reina, and if Reina left home as soon as Conri was around for marrying (if not before, since she was engaged to him pre-conception), then I wonder how well they could have known each other, even if they wrote frequently and visited on occasion. Reina must have had something that Raiden wants for some reason, and clearly he's not wasting any time in getting his hands on it. That said, I hope that he does have an actual affection for his sister, rather than just whatever possession of hers he's after. Reina deserves to be missed.

    Also, I'm glad she did go peacefully in the end.

    Welcome back!

    1. Raiden has his reasons for wondering about Reina's possessions, it's safe to say that he did hold affection for his sister, and his searching for something in her belongings is more oriented toward protecting her and his family. *Hint* haha :)

  3. New character! I'm so excited! ^^ And he's kind of hot, too ^^
    So he's Rei's uncle and ... Reina's ... brother, right? Well, he seems interesting and I would love to see more of him in the next chapters. Is he going to play an important role in the future? And by the way, Rei's pregnant, right? Because I think I remember something like that from another chapter, but I'm not sure if she had the baby or not XD

    1. Yep, Raiden is Reina's younger brother. He'll come and go from here on I think, though it will be hard because he lives so far away from everyone else in the kingdom. Rei is currently in the first trimester of her first pregnancy, I don't think there will be much focus on her or her family for awhile though.