Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Family Heirloom

Spring, 1032

Bonnie had been met with a nod of acknowledgement from her sister upon entering the queen’s chambers, and it was more attention she’d received from her sister for all the time she had been at court. Sir Ancel had been delegated many responsibilities since becoming steward, and Bonnie found it almost suspicious that he was very strict when it came to having servants loyal to the Ridere family. He had asked specifically for her and Mave, her sister, for this task. It wasn’t the kind of chore she ever looked forward to, having aided her mother once before in clearing a deceased man’s possessions.
Sir Ancel stood beside her, his towering height and intimidating stance was only lessened by the forest of grey hairs spouting at his chin. She had always been a little afraid of him, as she had been afraid of Sir Soren also, but Bonnie also respected Sir Ancel – she did not respect his brother in the slightest. Sir Ancel was ticking off the items mentioned in the queen’s will, leaving the rest of her belongings to be put into storage or dispersed among her two surviving daughters. Luckily, the queen had already ordered for most of her things to be packed away before her passing, and the only items left were linen and a few of her favourite jewels. 

Bonnie dared not turn her head when she heard the person enter, nor did she acknowledge his presence when he called out to her master. She lowered her gaze as Sir Ancel stepped around her to meet the intruder. With Sir Ancel’s back to her, she peeked at the two men from one eye. They met in the centre of the room, standing like to lions ready to duel. The newcomer had dark hair, matching his dark clothing. His skin was very pale though, marking him as a noble from the outskirts of Marlowe – perhaps he was a Draki.

“Raiden,” Sir Ancel said. “I hadn’t expected to see you.”
“And why wouldn’t I come, after my own sister’s death?”
The man called Raiden stood with squared shoulders, he looked to Sir Ancel not in contempt but with cautiousness. This man did not trust easily.
“I meant no disrespect.”

“I’m not here to exchange condolences anyway,” Raiden waved his hand in dismissal. “My sister possessed a carved wooden box, barely palm sized, it was a family heirloom and I’d rather see it returned to me than left to wait appraisal in storage.”
“You made the effort to find me yourself, to make this request” Sir Ancel mused. “What does this box contain?”
“How should I know?” The other man snapped, “Trinkets I presume, whatever women like to treasure. All I seek is the box.”
Sir Ancel nodded his head, “If we uncover such a box, I will have it delivered to you immediately.”

Bonnie found herself biting her lip, she had already uncovered the box and showed it to Sir Ancel, who had shrugged and dismissed it without pause. The box had fit into her hand perfectly – and had circular carvings engraved into it. She remembered wondering at the lock for a moment, admiring the small metal press, where a finger might fit. She quickly turned away, hiding the worried look she now wore.


  1. Whoa.. It has been so long. I've had this written for awhile and finally got a day/night off (I'm back of night shift) so I could actually load my game up. I've really missed Bonnie, and I am afraid to say I've worked out her storyline and it's not the happiest one. Ce la vie, she's a strong girl.

  2. Hmmm. Wonder what Bonnie might do now. I could see her giving the box to Raiden, but I could also see her keeping it or just letting it be.

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear that her story doesn't take the happiest turns. I hope that whoever is the cause of that (probably Soren) gets sufficient comeuppance.

  3. Yay! ^^ New chapter. I know, I know, I'm late (actually, very late XD ), but I read this chapter the day after it was posted and I forgot to leave a comment here >.> So ... until now, I liked both Sir Ancel and Raiden, but with this chapter ... I can't help but suspect that Sir Ancel is up to something (maybe something against Raiden's family ...?). He suddently seems to me a little ill natured, but that only makes him even more interesting ^^
    And Bonnie ... I told you I already like her ^^ She seems so innocent, but that doesn't stop her from proving that she's not stupid at all (she is a little inexperienced, but that, I guess, is only because she is so young). I'm excited to hear that you have a storyline in mind for her and I really hope that she'll get her happy ending somehow.