Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jacksyn Wayn

Jacksyn "Jack" Wayn

Born: 1004, Summer
Spouse: Betha Borghild
Parents: Jack Wayn, Kestrel Talisman
Siblings: Ava Wayn, Luthais Wayn, Fletch Ismay
Children: Payge Wayn
Rank: Servant
Bio: Jack was born and raised in Iridia, he was lucky enough to be taken on as a mock 'squire' by slavers. His life there gave him the skills to wield a sword and recognise some writing. His family still live and work in Iridia, most of them as freemen and sell swords. After a brief fling, he married Betha out of guilt when she fell pregnant. He was recruited to be a guard by Jalin Peredur, in his early twenties. He hadn't realised his days and nights would be spent at court amongst all the high born folk. Although he had issues in the beginning, his worries faded after meeting Mirielle, who quickly offered his daughter a position in her household. Since then, he and Mirielle have developed a strong friendship, and he sees his daughter often. His only regret in life is marrying, because of the distance caused from his work, and the fact that they really hadn't known one another beforehand.
  • Despite being estranged from his wife, Jack has remained faithful to her since the birth of their daughter.
  • In all of Marlowe, Jack is probably the most likely to match Geraint in skill and ability.
  • To his shame, Jack would often indulge in his daughter's games and play with dolls. He actually didn't mind it.
  • He has little to no respect for the man who sired him - as his most vivid memories of his namesake coincide with bruises and broken bones as a child.

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