Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Aching Cheeks

1032, Spring

Looking after a kitten had not been as simple as Bonnie had predicted. Since being reassigned to wait on Mistress Meliza, it had been easy to sneak the kitten in and out of the castle undetected. But the creature was growing at an unstoppable pace, and had a knack for exploring under furniture. Bonnie was on her hands and knees, attempting to capture the kitten when she heard the door swing open. 

She jolted upright, and curtsied meekly, “Mistress Meliza.”
The blonde girl was very spirited, and naïve. Bonnie had watched as Sir Soren wooed her with gifts and fine words, and then listened as Meliza went on and on about her one true love. There was a great deal of things Bonnie wanted to tell Meliza – all the horrid details Sir Soren shared with his companions, was one of them.
“What are you doing?” Meliza asked, curious.
“I… Um,” Bonnie glanced at her feet.
Just as she looked down, the kitten dashed out from her hiding place. Bonnie squeezed her eyes shut as Mistress Meliza dived to catch a hold of the kitten, she held the squirming creature up high and smiled.

“Ooh!” She squeaked with glee, “What are you doing here, little kitty? I don’t get many visitors you know.”
Daring to smile, Bonnie sensed the sadness in her new mistress’s voice. Meliza was currently residing in one of the decorative chambers usually reserved for the ladies at court. It was customary for two or three – sometimes even four ladies to share rooms for the duration of their stay. But the other women at court had made an effort to avoid Meliza, and turned up their nose in her direction. Bonnie had an idea that they were simply envious of Meliza, who had quickly been spotted by the king and given to one of his most trusted advisors.

“I’m so sorry, miss.” Bonnie pleaded, uncertain on whether to feel ashamed or relieved that Meliza seemed pleased by her discovery. “The king was going to have her drowned, and I couldn’t bear to let that happen.”
The girl didn’t seem to hear her, and was paying all of her attention to the kitten. “Oh well that makes sense,” she said finally. “A girl, you said? Well, what will we name you?” She tucked the kitten between her forearm and side, smiling the whole time. “I like… Rosina!”

Bonnie followed as Meliza made her way across the room, hesitant on how to act. “Is there anything you need, miss?”
“Why yes!” Meliza plopped down on the loveseat, letting ‘Rosina’ roam free. “Go to the kitchen and fetch everything Rosina might need, food bowls – and food, of course.” She furrowed her brow, “Hm, what do kittens eat anyway?”

“I know what to get,” Bonnie smiled.
“Good,” Meliza grinned. “Well then, that’s settled. Good.”
When Bonnie turned to leave, she could feel Meliza’s eyes on her back. She had a feeling that her new mistress didn’t know what she was doing, and often watched Bonnie for some kind of clue that she was on the right track. 

In no way was Meliza conventional, as rather than staying indoors and eating frequent, small meals, Meliza liked to go out into the garden with the servants – pointing to the vegetables she wanted Bonnie to cook up for her. Bonnie often smiled more than she ever had in her life – and often went to bed with aching cheeks from smiling. And for once, waking up was no longer a burden.


  1. Really surprisingly happy with this post, and the next one after. They're ideas that have been sitting in my head for awhile now.
    Impression of Meliza?

  2. Meliza does seem sweet. She is naive, but so was everyone once, so I'm sure she'll grow out of it eventually (though for her sake, I hope she's not forced to grow out of it too soon!).

    It's nice that Bonnie has been making friends--first Jack, now Meliza. Actually... if she's sleeping so well and smiling so often, I wonder if her feelings are maybe a little more than friendly? Should be interesting to see either way.