Saturday, January 11, 2014

Their Brief Encounters

1031, Winter

Felyx was spending the rest of winter with the Turnwhip family since Mae had to attend to business in Iridia, although Felyx reasoned that he didn’t need supervision, his mother disagreed. Unlike the previous time Felyx had stayed with them though, Max was too busy catering to his new wife to spend much time with him. So Felyx had made a place for himself in the library, and happened to stumble across a tomb of ancient runes – some which he recognised from his dreams. 

He still did not know the name of the woman that visited him in his dreams, and she liked to tease him over a period of time. She would appear in his dream, calling to him, and he would move toward her but the closer he got the more her image faded until he was standing alone in a forest clearing. The runes he recognised were from a people known as the fey, and from what Felyx read of them, they were a lot like the fabled Oracles people spoke of. He briefly pondered the existence of two races, but dismissed it with the belief that the two groups were one and the same. Perhaps the word ‘Oracle’ had developed during the time when they disappeared and became illusive of ordinary people. 

The sound a door creaking open startled him from where he sat, and he looked around. He was greeted by a warm smile from Jessamyn, Max’s new wife. She had made quite a transition from being a lowly peasant, now wearing her hair up in a soft bun, loose strands framing her freckled face. Felyx could see the appeal that Max had fallen for, she had a pleasant heart-warming appearance. But from their brief encounters, Felyx did not find her personality either pleasant or heart-warming.
“Hello Felyx,” she cooed to him. “What are you doing?”
She moved to where he sat at the large wooden desk, glancing casually over the parchment and scripts strewn in front of him. She wore a look of disinterest, but there was a gleam in her eye that Felyx might have mistaken for his mother’s.
“Just passing the time, Mistress Jessamyn” he said politely.
The girl laughed, “Call me Jess,” she told him. “No need for all that formality.”

She smiled at him, and Felyx was reminded of her endearing looks. His experience with his mother however prevented him from believing she had good intentions.
“I suppose,” he said awkwardly looking around for something to occupy his hands with.
Felyx turned a worried glance her way, she held a delicate hand to her stomach and smiled at him. He realised that she was currently pregnant, and he was in no way informed on the condition.
He stood up and asked her nervously, “Do you want me to fetch someone?”
She laughed again, “Oh no. I’m just getting used to the feeling is all.”
Felyx nodded his head several times, suddenly feeling ill-equipped for the occasion. He watched her with his head tilted a little, noting how she seemed to cradle her stomach even though there was hardly a bump there at all. Felyx had no experience with babies at all, it was all too complicated for him and somehow he felt as though he were trespassing in a place that was not his business.
“Would you like me to get Max?” He asked out of desperation.
She ignored his question, “Have you ever felt a baby move inside its mother’s stomach?”
“Uh, no” He floundered. “I can’t say I have."
“Here,” She reached out confidently to take his hand and placed it squarely on her belly.

His eyes widened, it was true there was hardly a bump there at all, but he could feel the firmness and the slight tickling sensation beneath his hand. He stared at her, “It – moved?”
Her smile was radiant, “The midwife believes it’s a boy. It’s so early but already he is eager to get out and join the world.”
“That’s beautiful,” Felyx whispered.

He hadn’t noticed before, but when he looked to her face he saw that her eyes were brimming with tears. He put his hand on her shoulder, feeling once again ill-equipped. He had comforted Rei many times throughout their childhood, but she was a princess, and his best friend all the same. He had not known Jess for very long, and he still hadn’t decided how he felt about her – after she tricked Max into getting her pregnant. But now, seeing her like this, so obviously in love with her unborn child – so full of pride and hope and all the things a new parent harbours. It softened his heart to her.
“I’d like to name him after you,” Jess said as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks “I can see how much Max looks up to you.”
Felyx smiled and reached out to wipe her tears away, “That’s really not necessary.”
In an instant, before he had pulled his hand away she had grasped it with hers. He felt the warm wetness on his fingers from her tears begin to dry, and he tried to pull his hand from hers. 

She would not let go it seemed, so he pulled again and instead of being returned his hand – her entire body moved toward him. She kissed him softly at first, but after a moment the kiss became hungrier, and he jolted away feeling suddenly violated.
“What – what’s wrong?” She asked him, genuinely confused.
Felyx stared at her, taking a wide step to put some space between them. “You can’t do that – you’re pregnant with my friend’s child – you can’t do that.” He was struggling to make sense of what had happened, and his words poured out of him without thought. “You’re married! About to be a mother, and you – you can’t.”

“You’re talking a lot about me there,” Jess looked at him through slitted eyes. “It won’t hurt the baby, and I can’t get pregnant while I’m already pregnant. Max is so young and inexperienced and honestly it bores me – I can tell you have experience, and you’re older, so what’s the problem?”
Felyx simply stared at her in disbelief, he supposed she was right in many ways, and it wasn’t unheard of in their society for married women to take lovers – though precautions were taken to prevent offspring. But still, he couldn’t help feel shocked that she would do such a thing after witnessing her obvious care for her unborn child. Had it been an act? He wondered, but his instinct told him no. 

She was looked at him with an expression of exasperation, and Felyx realised she was waiting for a response. “No,” he said. “I can’t do that to Max.”
Jess frowned a little, and then winked at him. “I’ll be around if you change your mind then.”
He was left standing there staring after her as she left the room, in shock and dazed from the encounter. His gut was twisted with guilt and excitement, and it was with a sense of self-loathing that he readjusted his tunic and belt.


  1. It's so HOT here! Like seriously, we have three cats and all of them are inside lazing around too hot to even get up and eat :S
    Warning: Don't visit Australia this time of year, unless you like exhausting heat.

  2. Yeesh, Jess, give Max a chance to catch up. You can't expect a person to just instantly be good at sex. Nobody's good when they first start! He'll improve in time.

    Or, they could always discuss the possibility of an open marriage? Max doesn't own Jess, but he does stand to get hurt, assuming he does care about her (and Felyx seems to think he does). The one thing every couple owes each other is honesty.

    1. Jess is a lot further along when it comes to sexual expectations, in fact I doubt she's ever found someone capable of impressing her, though that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy playing around.
      I think that the idea of faithfulness never occurred to Jess, though if Max ever did find out she wasn't a one man woman he would be very hurt, and she would lack understanding of what the problem was. Although, I'd like to see how she'd react if she found Max with another woman :P