Monday, January 27, 2014

The Itch of Desire

1032, Spring

Contrary to what she had hoped, Jess’s libido had if anything increased since entering the final trimester of her pregnancy. She had told the midwife this, and in return been informed that it is normal due to increased blood flow to the area, but Jess could not seem to convince the midwife that she had gone most of her life with ‘increased blood flow’ and that whatever was causing her insatiable sex drive was not at all normal. And to her dismay, Max simply could not keep up. She had sucked him dry, and despite her waiting Felyx had not approached her during his time there. And his mother was expected any day now to collect him. It pained her from the inside out; she could not let him slip away without even tasting him again. The unfortunate truth was that with her heavy belly growing larger each day, there was little she could do to tempt him into her bed. But she had learned to make the best of things. 

Felyx was seated by the fire alone, and after noticing him Jess had rushed up stairs to change for bed, only to wander back down again. She spied him talking to the dog, and smiled as she entered the room. She watched him turn his head, but he remained quiet.
She moved slowly to take a seat by his side, “Felyx” she said in greeting.
“Jess,” he did not look at her, and continued to stare soulfully into the flames of the fireplace.
“How are you fairing tonight?” She asked him. 

“Well enough I suppose,” he answered.
She restlessly fumbled with her nightgown, cursing her protruding belly. “Have you thought about my proposition?”
He did not answer immediately, but finally looked over at her. “I have,” there was a sadness in his eyes. “I need to know, why? Do you not care for Max, or your unborn child?”
“Of course I care for him! And I love my baby,” she smiled. “I’ve always been this way, though.”
“What way?”

Jess frowned, she had never explained to a man before. “Physically dissatisfied, sexually” she took a careful breath. “I don’t want you to think less of me because of it, and I’m no fool, when I do take lovers – and I’m sure I will – I won’t allow harm to my children or my husband.”
She watched him as he considered her explanation, and finally he shared a small smile with her.
“There’s this woman,” he said gently. “She’s the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, and it doesn’t matter how exhausted I am, how disinterested I am. One single touch of her hand and I am driven to consume her, or be consumed.”

“She must be lovely.”
He looked over at her, “I don’t want you to think I don’t find you attractive,” he said. “I just couldn’t bear to cause pain to Max.”
“I feel the same,” Jess agreed sadly.
They sat there staring into the fire for several minutes, the seconds passing by at a peaceful pace. Jess looked over at her companion, and watched as he blinked drowsily. She admired him, for his honesty – his integrity – and his loyalty to his friend. And for a moment she was satisfied, sitting there beside him. But soon enough the itch of desire crept up on her, and she tightened her legs shut. Naughty thoughts slithered into her mind, and her eyes travelled down Felyx. She observed his broad shoulders, the sword that hung at his waist. She watched the candlelight catching in his silver-white hair, and the slight beard he was growing.
He seemed oblivious to her eyes on him, and she had a feeling his thoughts were occupied by the woman he had spoken of before. Without hesitation, she stood up.
He looked up at her like he had just woken from a dream, “You’re retiring then?”
She nodded, “Would you escort me upstairs?”
For once, her pregnant belly was useful to her. She made a show of struggling to walk, with one arm scooped to support her stomach. Felyx jumped to his feet like she knew he would, and he reached out an arm to offer his assistance. She tripped into him, and he steadied her with both hands.

“Are you alright?” He asked, sincerity in his voice.
Jess nodded, leaning her hands against his chest. “Can I ask you something?”
His breathing had grown a little heavy, and she was close enough to smell his arousal. “Of course,” he whispered.
She looked into his eyes, and then let her gaze drop down to his lips. She licked her own lips and bit down, knowing that his eyes had followed to her lips as well. This time, she needn’t jump at him. She moved slowly and deliberately, giving him time to turn away. But he didn’t. He let her kiss him, and their lips met in a friendly caress, that soon became hunger driven. Jess could hear her own heartbeat, and when she wrapped her arms around his neck, she could feel his heart beating in unison with hers. 

They kissed for a short time, as Jess could feel her hunger swelling for more. She pulled away from him for a moment, and stared into his eyes. “Has a woman ever,” she began. “Pleased you,” she paused. “With her mouth?”

She wanted to laugh as she watched his face grow uncertain and confused, only for his eyes to widen and a grin spread across his face. He would be leaving in a number of days, she reasoned, and there was no telling when they would meet again, so she decided she would spoil him – if anything to guarantee that he would visit her again.


  1. This took so long to write! I'm sorry if it seems a little forced, I just wasn't feeling very inspired. Going to try and do a catch up post of Eirian and where she is right now... Beside that it looks like Spring is going to be mostly focused on the king's court, and Nolia's little adventure as a newlywed!

  2. Well, it's good to see Jessamyn again, but I have to admit I wasn't expecting ... this to happen XD Nevertheless, it is an interesting chapter and I would love to know what will happen after Jess' baby is born. How will her marriage evolve ... and her relationship with her husband. And, of course, I can't wait to know more about this mistery woman that Felyx mentioned.

    1. It was bound to happen eventually :P I don't imagine Jess has ever not gotten the man she wanted at whatever particular time! I think that these two have a connection that isn't necessarily romantic or sexual, for example in this post both of them were able to speak freely about things in their lives without fear of judgement.
      I predict that after her baby arrives Max will be doing a lot of growing up in a short space of time, and there will be some new revelations about both Max's and Jess's heritage. As for Felyx's mystery lover, there's only two people in the kingdom who know about her, with Jess now being one of them - Rei is the other. The mystery woman won't be making an appearance for quite a long time though. Thanks for the feedback :)