Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soren Ridere

Sir Soren Ridere 

Born: 988, Spring
Spouse: Jaslyn Omari
Parents: Joron Ridere, Signild Ridere
Siblings: Ancel Ridere
Children: Shay Ridere, Cerin Ridere, Meya Ridere
Rank: Noble
Occupation: Lord High Treasurer
Bio: Soren has chased after his brother's place as head of their family since he was a child. To his dismay, he always finished second best. He has harboured a severe fetish for prostitutes since he was a teenager, and often invites his wife to engage in all sorts of different perversions.
  •  In his youth, Soren would order his current nurse to bathe him - even well into his teens. He enjoyed making them feel uncomfortable, and the encounters would often lead to sexual acts.
  • Despite what Ancel thinks, Soren doesn't get along with Conri very much, as they only share one interest - women.
  • The only reason Soren married Jaslyn was for her inheritance. He knew as the second son, he would have to rely on Ancel to cover his expenses and by marrying Jaslyn - whose family had been awarded a fine amount of coin for their loyalty to the king - he was able to live without the restrictions of Ancel's unyielding coin purse.
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