Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simply Not Enough

1031, Winter

Jess laid patiently for her husband to join her in bed, but when he entered he sat on the edge and stared away from her without speaking. She looked over at him; his shoulders were rising and falling softly as he breathed deeply. He had been put to work these last few days, trying to gain his father’s approval and at the same time serve her every wish. There was an inkling of sympathy for him in her mess of emotions, but other thoughts overwhelmed that sympathy.
“Aren’t you going to join me, husband?” She asked.

“Are you always going to call me that?” He replied.
She grunted. He knew she hated it when he answered her with another question. So what if she liked the idea of having her own husband? She had watched her friends either marry or sell themselves to merchants as mistresses, but none of them had managed to marry a merchant’s son.
“Join me,” she said, rubbing his lower back with her foot.

Slowly and with effort, he crawled onto the bed beside her. She smiled to herself as she felt the light tickling in her womb. She had always wanted to be a mother, mostly because she’d hoped it would somehow dim the intense urges that seemed to swell up without provocation. But so far there had been no change in her behaviour, and overall she’d been told it was a good, healthy pregnancy. She had experienced very little symptoms to begin with, and had only felt nauseated on one occasion. But as soon as her mother had confirmed that she was pregnant, she had become extremely happy and nothing had altered that mind set.
“Father wants me to go on a trip with him in the next few days, he says I have to learn how to interact with people.”

Jess grinned, “In other words how to manipulate them into giving you the best sale.”
“Something along those lines,” he said vaguely.
She nodded to his absent-minded response, then gestured to his crotch “Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?”
Max looked pained, “Again?”

She sighed, she wasn’t going to lie. He had been fun to teach – and he could get the job done, but her new husband simply didn’t have the stamina to satisfy her completely. She expected to be used to it by now, as no man or woman had ever been capable of leaving her utterly exhausted, laying in a pool of sweat. Her desire was not necessarily perverted, however, once or even three times a day was simply not enough.
“It won’t kill you,” she reasoned.
“But,” he looked to her belly “The baby?”
 Jess smiled at her inexperienced husband, “It won’t harm him.”
“You’re really sure it’s a boy?”

“I wouldn’t lie about something like that, silly.” She winked, and grabbed his arm to pull him closer to her.
He was a little hesitant, but after slight encouragement on her part, he leaned in to her. She kissed him a little, and then felt a pang of disappointment. He was not nearly as good a kisser as Felyx was. Felyx, who had been on her mind since they met – Felyx whose silver-white hair promised a noble heritage. She wished that she had met him before she’d seduced Max, though somehow she doubted that he would have been as easily coaxed into bed with her. His mother had been there briefly, and even without introduction the woman’s keen eyes had landed on her with a cautious smile. Still, she supposed if Felyx was available to entertain her while Max was away – that would be very pleasant. Max was kissing her neck, she realised with a start. Her thoughts had been chasing images of Felyx while her husband had continued to try and please her. 

She pulled away from him and smiled, he was such a good endearing person, she thought. If anything did occur between her and Felyx, she would keep it from Max at all costs, although Felyx probably wouldn’t expect it from her.


  1. Jess reminds me a lot of my Geneva. She has this massive, insatiable sex drive and no socially acceptable way of using it, which is bound to get frustrating for her.

    She does have a good head on her shoulders, so I'm sure she'll be able to help Max get the hang of the whole business thing.

    I expect that their baby will be adorable. :)

    1. Yes, I can definitely can see the correlation between Jess and Geneva :P
      I'm pretty certain Jess is the type of woman Max needs, she's headstrong and that will offer that small amount of push he'll need in the future. Oh and yes, I'm excited for their baby, only I'll probably randomize their genetics in the hopes of getting some of those older recessive genes.

  2. Well, it's good to see Jessamyn and Max again ^^ So ... I knew there was something about Jessamyn the first time I read about her. I couldn't say exactly what, but ... I expected something along the lines. So she doesn't love him and she only planned to use him. I can't exactly blame her, because she's smart, but I don't know if she's prepared to spend her entire life with someone she doesn't love. Maybe when she will have the baby she will be too busy and she won't have time for other ... activities.
    And by the way, her character and behaviour kind of reminds me of Ashton Main from John Jakes' "North and South".

    1. I don't think Jess has ever really experienced love, she has probably been infatuated with several men in her life, but after getting what she wanted from them she'd lose interest. Jess is happy to have a husband, but purely for the status of having one I think, after a few years she will realise its not what she expected it to be, but she'd be too stubborn to admit it. Yes I think she's hoping that the baby will help her desire to calm down a little bit.