Sunday, January 26, 2014

Maiolaine Ismay

Maiolaine Ismay

Born: 1002, Summer
Children: Aden Melech, Orrin Ismay, Felisa Ismay
Rank: Servant
Bio: When Maiolaine was barely able, she was raped and gave birth to a tiny baby. The man who had raped her stole the child and left her to die, not long after Reina saw her still alive: thrown into a pile of the dead. After being rescued Maiolaine committed her life to serving Reina, and although she did experience relationships following the loss of her first child, Maiolaine has never been able to express love - not even to her own children. She was approached by the king, Reina's own husband, and bore him a daughter. Despite that, Reina continued employing Maiolaine.
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  1. Ok, Maiolaine's story is officially the saddest story ever told (well, from what I comprehended until now).
    She has such beautiful eyes.
    Again, I'm sorry if I didn't pay attention to the other chapters, but ... who is the man who raped Maiolaine? And who is her first child?

    1. Neither the man or her child have been introduced yet, only mentioned it parts.

    2. Oh, ok then ^^ I can't wait then for another chapter that might offer us some more information on this ^^