Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jessamyn Kerrigan

Jessamyn "Jess" Kerrigan Turnwhip

Born: 1015, Spring
Spouse: Maxley Turnwhip
Parents: Mahon Melech, Siusan Kerrigan
Siblings: Janoah Kerrigan, Lyam Kerrigan, Jaret Kerrigan
Children: Jessamae Turnwhip, Mahon Turnwhip
Rank: Merchant
Bio: Jess developed a lot earlier than most girls, she has maintained a high sex drive for the majority of her life. After meeting the quiet Maxley Turnwhip, she decided to trick him into impregnating her, knowing that she could marry into a rich family despite growing up in poverty. Although she used her elder sister Janoah as leverage to gain a marriage, Janoah was married before Jess could walk and they have no relationship to speak of.
  • Jessamyn lost her virginity at the age of 12, although she had been kissing boys and girls since she was about nine years old.
  • Although she would never admit it to him, Max is her favourite lover - and he improves every time they are intimate.
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