Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glyn Gwynham

Glyn Gwynham Rearden

Born: 994, Autumn
Spouse: Hiero Rearden
Parents: Herryck Ismay, Seila Gwynham
Siblings: Oletta Gwynham, Sirena Gwynham, Aila Ismay, Odhran Gwynham, Aenya Gwynham
Children: Bonnibel Rearden, Garve Rearden, Mave Rearden
Rank: Servant
Bio: Glyn has worked for the Ridere family since marrying Hiero. Due to her work, she was only present in her daughter Mave's life for about five years, after that Mave was sent to work in the kitchen's at court. Glyn is closest to her eldest daughter Bonnie, and she hardly ever sees her son or her husband.
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