Wednesday, January 1, 2014

EkhoGirl's Self Sim by Ann

This is my self sim, I named her Abrianna.

She doesn’t get along very well with girls her own age; she finds them rather mundane and dislikes all the bickering they indulge in and alas, excuses herself from their presence. She loves to write. She loves cats. She’s shy, unless she really feels comfortable with someone. She’s wanted to be a writer since her mother told her that every page is like a gateway into another world. She’s disappointed in most of her family. She wants to find her grandfather one day. She hates men who treat women wrongly. She dreams of true love, but is much too logical minded to ever express this. She is incredibly attached to her characters, and considers them her children. Her best friend is a boy, and he’s the main source of all her knowledge concerning interaction between the sexes, she only gets a little bit jealous when he tells her about his latest triumphs.

She was created by the lovely Ann!

Policy: No paysites and please link back to the original object.


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