Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bonnibel Reardon

Bonnibel "Bonnie" Rearden

Born: 1016, Spring
Parents: Hiero Rearden, Glyn Gwynham
Siblings: Mave Rearden, Garve Rearden
Rank: Servant
Bio: Bonnie was employed by the Ridere family before she was even born. Her life and the life of her children were indentured paternally to serve the Rideres for the length of eight generations, she is the third generation. She was never taught to read, but she can cook and sew, she can even mend some furniture after her brother showed her to use tools. Bonnie hopes that their will be a lot of children in the Ridere family before she grows too old to care for them, as she has always found joy when interacting with children. She wishes she had a better relationship with her younger sister Mave. She does not believe in love, and if she were to believe in it she would expect it to be shared between nobles and not mere lower born folk like herself. Her master Sir Soren took her virginity when she was fourteen years old, after stumbling into her sleeping area one night and mistaking her for her mother. She could never believe herself to be beautiful because of her two front teeth.
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