Monday, December 23, 2013

Rionna Leolin

Rionna Leolin Tiernan

Born: 1015, Autumn
Spouse: Shonn Tiernan 
Parents: Juan Leolin, Milena Leolin
Siblings: Lucan Leolin, Nolia Leolin, Rian Leolin, Idelisa Leolin, Viera Leolin, Ronan Leolin
Children: Theda Tiernan
Rank: Gentry
Bio: Rionna is very timid around people, not because she is shy but because she doesn't like many people. Her connection with her twin Rian mislead her to believe that he was superior than all others and as a result she idolizes him greatly. Rionna is a very naive person, with little understanding of the realities of the world, her eldest brother Lucan often described her as a lovestruck puppy dog.
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