Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Maxley Turnwhip

Maxley "Max" Turnwhip

Born: 1016, Spring
Spouse: Jessamyn Kerrigan
Parents: Padric Turnwhip, Mae Talisman
Rank: Merchant
Bio: Maxley is very good with numbers, and has mastered all of his father's filing techniques however, he is severely lacking in social skills and confidence. As a child he was often reminded of his large nose, and later preferred the company of his tutors than children his own age. Felyx Talisman is one of the only friends he can name without thinking too hard, though their companionship is only spotted with brief encounters, they've known one another since they were very young. The Turnwhip clan are master merchants specializing in food transport. Harvests are sold to Padric, Max's father, who then organises the mass sale across all of Marlowe. They own several stalls and travelling wagons, dabbling in all sorts of trade business - their most successful venture so far is spices. They are the second most renowned merchant family in Marlowe, with Talisman as the first.
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  1. He's actually cute ^^ Yes, he has a ... unique nose, but it's not that bad.
    I like the fact that you add characters with ... imperfections, because that makes their personality so much more interesting (and that's not an easy thing to do in Sims 2).

    1. I'm glad you like him :) His nose is actually nice, I mean, it gives him character.

      Yes, that is something I am trying to do - develop unique characters that are original, in appearance and personality. It is not easy ^_^
      Thank you for the comment!