Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Left Behind

1031, Winter

Maiolaine had been working for the queen since her days as a slave in Iridia. Reina had saved her from that life, and although Maiolaine was truly dedicated and grateful, she had betrayed her saviour in a way that could not be forgiven. Perhaps that was the reason she had been left behind to chaperone the princess, after all it was the first time in years that Maiolaine had been separated from Reina. It had all been an accident, a mistake, a trap. She had been ordered into the bed of King Conri, against her dearest wishes, she could not deny the king. Her daughter would be raised as a princess in the royal castle, and Maiolaine had refused the offer to live there with her, instead she had chosen her sentencing as she saw it, to continue in service of the royal family until the day she met her end.

“Rei?” Maiolaine called down the seemingly deserted hallway.
She’d gotten caught up with dinner preparations, and lost sight of the princess. If the queen were to hear that she’d let Rei be alone with either of her suitors – well, she didn’t want to think of that. Maiolaine turned a corner, and paused. She swore she’d heard a noise, a voice – a squeak. Something sinister gripped her, and Maiolaine abandoned her usual carefulness of etiquette. She approached a nearby door, listening carefully for another sound. And there it was again. Fear rushed through her. 

She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t knock. And when she burst through that doorway, what she saw was not what she feared, but worse.


  1. I decided to re-post this as a separate post, mostly because it goes better here than later on in the timeline.

  2. I somehow missed this one. Poor Maiolaine, having to see that, but it's obviously better that someone caught Rian. Hopefully Idelisa will be able to heal, and that the undeserved stigma won't cause her too many problems later. Poor girl. :(

    I feel bad that Maiolaine blames herself for "betraying" Reina. Conri summoned her to his room and commanded that she sleep with him and she wasn't allowed to refuse him. That's rape, and that's not her fault. And I doubt that Reina thinks Maiolaine instigated or even wanted it. She knows damn well what Conri is. Maiolaine was probably left alone with Rei because Reina trusts her more than any other servant.

    1. Maiolaine has basically resigned that it will be her life to serve the queen until she dies, and although she cares for her children, she never intended to have any. So not only does she feel she betrayed Reina, she brought a child into the world that she had no interest in caring for - that's the one good thing that came from the king fathering the child, it will be cared for.
      Yes, it is definitely rape. I also consider what happened with Max as rape, although he didn't say no, he was not informed or knowledgeable on what he was pushed to do. And you're right that Reina doesn't blame any of the women Conri took as mistresses (Even the ones that had ill intent) mostly because of the sake of the children those affairs resulted in, she found no reason to cause them harm emotionally for their parent's faults. And yes, Maiolaine is probably the most capable and loyal servants Reina has, so leaving her to care for Rei was not a decision made to punish her or make her feel abandoned.

    2. You bring up a good point about Max. A lack of "No" doesn't mean "Yes", and just because he doesn't seem traumatized doesn't make it any more consensual, especially since he had no knowledge of sex beforehand. I'm guessing his wife-to-be saw an opportunity to trap herself a rich husband? :S Proof that the kingdom's social structure is harmful to men as well as to women.

      Reina is so much more generous and understanding than many in her position would be. I wouldn't blame her if she was bitter and hateful, but she's so reasonable and compassionate and so good at seeing past the surface. A pity that she couldn't be ruler of Marlowe. :(

    3. Max was simply uninformed about it all, and his mother died early after he was born so he didn't have many female influences growing up (In fact Mae is probably the closest thing to a mother he's had, but she was only fluttering in and out on occasion). So it was an unfortunate situation for him in more ways than one but I doubt his father will be understanding of it, and he will most definitely blame Max. Yes, Jess is going to make an appearance and she had intent to snag Max up for his fortune from the beginning of their relationship.
      As for Reina, she was basically groomed to be the perfect wife. She was 20 years old when Conri was born and she had spent at least eight years practicing as she waited. I think she's far too intelligent to see the point in holding grudges, she never wanted to cause her children hardship because of what their father did, and she didn't want any of Conri's new children to feel unwanted either. If Reina ever did step in for Conri it was with Mae at her side, those two would be kick-ass rulers :P