Monday, November 11, 2013

Mirielle Tremont

Mistress Mirielle Tremont

Born: 1005, Summer
Children: Retta Tremont
Rank: Gentry
Bio: Mirielle comes from an unimpressive merchant family. Her family tree includes a variety of both commoners and nobles. When she reached puberty, her appearance drew attention to her and it wasn't long before she learned to use her beauty to her advantage. In her teens, she was invited to court and waited on the queen. She spent two years under the eyes of Reina, and the two soon became friends. Eventually Mirielle developed a kind of relationship with Conri, the king, and became one of his mistresses. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, the king sent away his previous mistresses, and Mirielle became his one and only. She is loyal to the king, however, has often bent the truth for his sake, out of compassion.
  • She has a very soft heart and is always generous to her servants, however, she has been known to indulge in gossip from time to time. She has information on everyone at court, and beyond. 
  • She would never tell him, but she considers Jack her only true friend since Reina's death. She also thinks he's handsome.
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