Sunday, November 3, 2013

Conri Casimir

King Conri Casimir

Born: 998, Spring
Parents: Cadeyrn Casimir, Cela Corin
Siblings: Eira Casimir, Koda Casimir
Spouse: Reina Mieko
Children: Rei Casimir, Nyssa Casimir, Cohen Casimir, Eirian Casimir, Kahane Agar, Riagan Corin, Iridia Corin, Garnette Agar, Kazimir Kovar, Siara Corin, Teithi Corin, Gwennelle Agar, Felisa Ismay, Jacen Agar, Retta Tremont
Rank: Royal
Bio: Conri was married as an infant to Reina, who at the time was over two decades older than him. When they were unable to have a son, Conri took Rois Agar as a mistress, who soon gave him an heir. Conri then passed a new law legalizing bastard children as legitimate heirs, and degrading the rights of women to the same as cattle - to be traded and sold for breeding purposes. His laws all took part in the abandonment of religion in the kingdom, as the druidic faith frowned on them. Conri has a hardened heart, and it is for that reason that he has survived on the throne for so long, he doesn't take chances, and regularly executes possible traitors purely in case the accusations against them are true - and luckily has conquered many assaults on his life in doing so.
  • Conri was born with blonde hair. When he was 12 he fell from his horse, and his hair was shaved in order to treat his wounds. His hair grew back red.
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