Friday, October 18, 2013

Taol Draki

Lord Taol Draki

Born: 980, Winter
Spouse: Janoah Draki
Parents: Enos Draki, Reine Draki
Siblings: Itzel Draki, Lorcan Draki, Freya Draki
Children: Layney Draki, Kyra Draki, Faolan Draki, Katriel Kovar
Rank: Royal
Bio: Taol has been described as "a strong man, a good, honest leader, however somewhat wit-lacking in the greater scheme of things." He is a dedicated father, favouring his daughters over his son, he is very protective of his family and his station of custodian of Iridia.
  • Taol inherited his title when his brother Lorcan abdicated from his duties and right as heir.
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