Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reina Mieko

Queen Reina Mieko Casimir

Born: 982, Spring
Died: 1032,  Spring
Spouse: Conri Casimir
Parents: Drystan Mieko, Setta Mieko
Siblings: Raiden Mieko, Decla Mieko
Children: Rei Casimir, Nyssa Casimir, Eirian Casimir
Rank: Royal
Bio: Reina was born to be queen, literally. The first two decades of her life were spent waiting for an heir to Marlowe to be born, and she was wed to the resulting infant prince. Reina is very intelligent, and very maternal, despite her husband's betrayal of taking many mistresses she was able to love and care for all his children even those that she did not give birth to.
  •  Reina was secretly grateful that Rei was born a girl - because at the time Conri's eyes were beginning to wander, and the pressure of producing an heir would keep him interested in her.
  • On the night of Eirian's conception, Conri stumbled into her bed, drunk. Reina remembers the night with pleasure as it was the one night of passion between them that wasn't due to securing an heir. It was also the only time in her life that she experienced an orgasm.
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