Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nyssa Casimir

Princess Nyssa Casimir Peredur

Born: 1017, Winter
Spouse: Geraint Peredur
Parents: Conri Casimir, Reina Mieko
Siblings: Rei Casimir, Cohen Casimir, Eirian Casimir, Kahane Agar, Riagan Corin, Iridia Corin, Garnette Agar, Kazimir Kovar, Siara Corin, Teithi Corin, Gwennelle Agar, Felisa Ismay, Jacen Agar, Retta Tremont
Children: Naveah Peredur, Herin Peredur
Rank: Noble
Bio: Nyssa has felt she was always in the shadow of her elder sister, though she loves Rei dearly. Nyssa believes that Rei was always intended to be born a girl, and she easily filled the shoes of princess, whereas Nyssa was intended to be born a boy, and was not.
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