Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nolia Leolin

Nolia Leolin Ridere

Born: 1011, Autumn
Spouse: Miklos Ridere
Parents: Juan Leolin, Milena Leolin 
Siblings: Lucan Leolin, Rionna Leolin, Rian Leolin, Idelisa Leolin, Viera Leolin, Ronan Leolin
Children: Dalan Ridere, Neryss Ridere
Rank: Noble
Bio: Nolia thinks very highly of herself, as she was well educated as a child to be the image of a noble born. She values manners, and believes in etiquette like no other. She can be calculating and cruel when she needs to be, and feels very little guilt if she can reason to herself that her actions were justified.
  • Since marrying into the Ridere family, Nolia has found herself gaining an excess amount of weight. She is privately happy about this, as she adores her new curves and larger breasts. 
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  1. NOTE: Nolia's character file was deleted on accident before her fourth appearance, her replacement looks a little different, but carries the same genes.