Friday, October 4, 2013

Milena Leolin

Milena Agar Leolin

Born: 995, Spring
Spouse: Juan Leolin
Parents: Nolan Agar, Morwyn Casimir
Siblings: Neile Agar, Vernal Agar, Idina Ismay
Children: Lucan Leolin, Nolia Leolin, Rionna Leolin, Rian Leolin, Idelisa Leolin, Viera Leolin, Ronan Leolin
Rank: Noble
Bio: Milena became friends with Reina when she was sent to court as a teenager. She was lucky to fall in love with a man who loved her back, and she gave up her life at court to become his wife, and has lived happily raising her family ever since. When her children grew old enough not to need her as much, she adopted hobbies such as gardening and dressmaking.
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