Friday, October 4, 2013

Lucan Leolin

Lucan Jehiel Leolin

Born: 1009, Spring
Spouse: Rei Casimir
Parents: Juan Leolin, Milena Leolin 
Siblings:  Nolia Leolin, Rionna Leolin, Rian Leolin, Idelisa Leolin, Viera Leolin, Ronan Leolin
Children: Eiria Leolin, Marilena Leolin, Gwennyss Leolin, Aerica Leolin
Rank: Noble
Bio: Lucan considers himself a free spirit, he enjoyed roaming in his younger years, exploring the different variety of people in the world. He's well-learned, and skilled in combat. He's a very cheerful and endearing person and many often seek him out for good company.
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