Friday, October 18, 2013

Like Honey

1031, Autumn

Felyx was dreaming again. He stood in a clearing of trees, there was no sound. The only thing he could hear was the sweet melody of a girl’s voice, calling to him. He had made her acquaintance many times, in his dreams. She was perfection to him. The world was shaky, and ever-moving. He saw her by the rock pool, her body unclothed and soaking in the water’s depths. Her hair was like honey, falling in front of her face. A wicked smile revealed white teeth, as her eyes landed on Felyx.
“Come here lover, join me.” She cooed, “The water is so good.”
Felyx knew he was dreaming. He had known it from the first occurrence. He could not believe a woman so perfect could exist in reality. He moved slowly, without making a sound. She watched him as he undressed. The wickedness in her was ecstasy, like she had achieved a great feat. She purred to him as he lowered himself into the rock pool, he felt nothing but the pleasure of her skin meeting his.

They wasted no time. Felyx had learned that speaking was fruitless, this woman had no name to give. Her lips were on him in moments, the sweetness of her tender kisses was everlasting.
He soaked it up. Each movement she made sent energy through him, exciting him down to the bone. The fragrance of her would hang around when he awoke, he knew, and the places she touched would tingle at the memory. Sleep had become his addiction, and her touch made him will it to never end. 

When she had had enough, she pulled away from him, smiling. “Don’t go, please.” He pleaded, grabbing hold of her hands.
She laughed at him, “Go back to your mother, boy.”
And just like that, it was fading. The trees became a blur, the sky above cracked. The last image he saw was her face, shyly turning away, a rosy pink in her cheeks.

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  1. Iiiinteresting. I have no idea what to make of this just yet, but I suspect that the future developments will be important.