Friday, October 18, 2013

Layney Draki

Layney Siusan Draki

Born: 1018, Winter
Parents: Taol Draki, Janoah Draki
Siblings: Kyra Draki, Faolan Draki, Katriel Kovar
Rank: Royal
Bio: Layney has never much cared for the trivial things most women focus on, rather she has a head for a good book and a tongue sharp for debate. She is quite headstrong, and defiant in that she hopes to marry a man lacking in titles and fortune, so that she may retire to a quiet life.
  • Layney has a belief of equality for all without prejudgment based on the colour of their hair or skin, or most importantly to her - their gender. This belief is completely unheard of, even among those who practice religion such as her mother.  
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