Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kryssa Kovar

Lady Kryssa Kovar

Parents: Kalevi Kovar, Tryamon Draki
Siblings: Sinda Kovar
Children: Miklos Ridere, Kazimir Kovar, Katriel Kovar
Rank: Royal
Bio: Kryssa is cunning and charismatic, with mysterious motives and unexpressed views, she is renowned for her ability to seduce men, quickly fall pregnant, and deliver healthy babies without any trouble. Kryssa's grandfather was known as Lord Kovar, and was the last hereditary custodian of Kyland. Lord Kovar planned to take the throne from Conri's father King Cadeyrn, and the Omari family - who were indentured to the Kovars - informed the king of Lord Kovar's plan. The Kovar family were stripped of their titles, and Kryssa's father was executed, while her grandfather Lord Kovar died defending his station. Kryssa's mother Tryamon had recently given birth when the Kovar's lost everything, and begged for mercy. She and her infant daughter Sinda, were sent to live in a failing monastery. Kryssa was left to be raised in Iridia by her distant relative whom she called Aunt Tahra. When she came of age, she petitioned the newly crowned Conri for her title as a noble to be returned to her, and was granted this. While at court in Marlowe, she met Ancel Ridere, and agreed to deliver a son to him in exchange for a hefty sum. She named him Miklos before handing him over to his father. With that money, she established a small household for herself in Iridia, and later returned to Marlowe to seduce the king. She named her second son Kazimir, for the renowned 'First King' and refused to hand over the babe to be raised at court as the king's son. Instead, Kryssa then wormed her way into the bed of Taol Draki, and remained as his mistress for a time. After she delivered a healthy baby girl, Taol gave her an estate to live on with her son Kazimir and her servants, and she left her newborn daughter with him.
  • Kryssa despises the colour red, but she's discovered that it has a certain effect on men and chooses to paint her lips this colour, believing it makes men easier to control.
  • She hates the laws that Conri put into effect, believing in the old ways, she will adamantly refuse to acknowledge that she sold her firstborn child to his father and denies ever having known a 'Miklos'.
  • In her youth, Kryssa's beloved Aunt Tahra trained her in the arts of herbalism, and encouraged her dream to reclaim her ancestral home of Kyland, by any means. 
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