Friday, October 18, 2013

Janoah Kerrigan

Lady Janoah Kyra Kerrigan Draki

Born: 985, Spring
Spouse: Taol Draki
Parents: Mahon Melech, Siusan Kerrigan
Siblings: Lyam Kerrigan, Jaret Kerrigan,  Jessamyn Kerrigan
Children: Layney Draki, Kyra Draki, Faolan Draki
Status: Royal
Bio: Janoah was saved from a short life when Taol pulled her from a pile of filth ridden bodies sentenced to a life of slavery. She practices the old religion, as her mother and father did before her, she is strongly against the new laws and hopes solemnly to see an end to them.
  • On the night of Janoah's wedding to Taol, she had a dream of two baby sparrows hatching from the same egg - and she knew she would have twins.
  • Janoah is ambidextrous though her hands are calloused and worn from her life before meeting Taol.
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