Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Geraint Peredur

Sir Geraint Peredur

Born: 1006, Summer
Spouse: Nyssa Casimir
Parents: Jalin Peredur, Mairim Ridere
Siblings: Diona Peredur, Tanaia Peredur(adopted), Taren Peredur, Tavis Peredur, Vyn Peredur(adopted), Lulah Peredur
Children: Naveah Peredur, Herin Peredur
Rank: Noble
Bio: Geraint is not a complicated person. He was raised to serve the crown, and he has done his job well, maybe even a little too well. He is often considered family among the king's children, and his presence is often overlooked inside the royal castle, leading to some awkward situations.
  •  During his youth, Geraint spent a year fighting alongside outlaws - bandits and mercenaries, purely for the chance to advance his technique.
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  1. The original Geraint was lost in a clean-up, this is his replacement.