Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eirian Casimir

Princess Eirian Lyneth Casimir

Born: 1021, Summer
Parents: Conri Casimir, Reina Mieko
Siblings: Rei Casimir, Nyssa Casimir, Cohen Casimir, Kahane Agar, Riagan Corin, Iridia Corin, Garnette Agar, Kazimir Kovar, Siara Corin, Teithi Corin, Gwennelle Agar, Felisa Ismay, Jacen Agar, Retta Tremont
Rank: Royal
Bio: Eirian has always gone about unnoticed. When she was born her father had only just begun taking in his mistresses and their children, so Eirian was raised among her half-siblings resulting in a careless amount of freedom that her elder sisters never experienced. Eirian has a kind heart, perhaps too much so as she often finds people taking her generosity for granted and leaving her out in the rain. She doesn't want for much, just the happiness of her family and dearest friends.
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