Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diona Peredur

Diona Peredur Fiala

Born: 1012, Summer
Spouse: Holic Fiala
Parents: Jalin Peredur, Mairim Ridere
Siblings: Geraint Peredur, Tanaia Peredur(adopted), Taren Peredur, Tavis Peredur, Vyn Peredur(adopted), Lulah Peredur
Rank: Gentry
Bio: Diona felt she was always in the shadow of her adopted sister Tanaia. Because of this she holds resentment for her home and family, wishing to break from their hold and make a new life. She became involved with a noble lord who promised her everything she could ask for if she could give him a son, however, she had a miscarriage that became widely known and she was then shamed for it and named barren.
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