Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rei Casimir

Princess Rei Naveah Casimir Leolin

Born: 1013, Spring
Spouse: Lucan Leolin
Parents: Conri Casimir, Reina Mieko
Siblings: Nyssa Casimir, Cohen Casimir, Eirian Casimir, Kahane Agar, Riagan Corin, Iridia Corin, Garnette Agar, Kazimir Kovar, Siara Corin, Teithi Corin, Gwennelle Agar, Felisa Ismay, Jacen Agar, Retta Tremont
Children: Eiria Leolin, Marilena Leolin, Gwennyss Leolin, Aerica Leolin
Rank: Noble
Bio: Rei was the first born child of Conri and Reina, the ruling monarchs of Marlowe, she was raised in the royal castle with her mother as a main influence. Her childhood included being under constant supervision from the knight Sir Jalin and later his son Sir Geraint, frequent visits from her mother's friend Mae, and her son Felyx. Despite her father's betrayal of taking many other women as mistresses, Rei harbors no ill feelings toward any of them or their resulting offspring, rather she enjoyed the busy atmosphere of children and the buzz of infants. She always dreamed of true love, and raising a large family. She does not like frogs, but unlike other women, doesn't mind spiders and in fact finds them quite handy for keeping away bugs. She once dared Felyx to kiss her, but he was too afraid.
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